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The Sufic current is a representation of the primordial Fet'ra, which is the natural inclination between Soul and Intellect. This primordial alignment between seen and unseen is expressed through the semantics as Sufi.

Within the historic chronological narrative and history of the word "Sufi" the term has always been a description of Men of Knowledge, of either Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or other religious backgrounds. Any serious exposition into Sufism would yield to the understanding that it is the science of underlying dynamics of metaphysics. This is why the Sufic Lore mentions many Sufi's that predated Islam, or even those who were of other religions. The majority of them remain through out recorded academia and are people who have helped persistently to contradict the frame work of Religion and Dogma itself, stripping them down to the foundation and fundamental cores of the teachings. This foundational; and fundamental core is metaphysics and the underlying dynamics which it possesses.

In our modern time, we have what we describe as Behavioral Sufism, the equivalency of the western new age movement. In a sense, it does not contradict any of the social or dogmatic mind frames or practices which are central and crucial for the Sufic mysteries. The semantics of what is know to day as Sufism only reflects linear orders mostly in the east and they became the only reflection to what Sufism means within the current generation. in mane peoples minds, Sufism is looked at as Poetic Chanting and Devotional Repetitions of adornment to something outside of oneself. Contrary to this common belief the Sufic Sorcery Current represent the primordial nameless craft seated within Quintessence.

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